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ATTENTION:  Webmasters, Marketing Personnel and Business Owners

Thank you for contributing to our link exchange directory!
By becoming a link partner you promote your web site to businesses and consumers looking for information, products and services at Info-Storm.com.

There are over 350 categories to choose from. A FREE listing in our link exchange directory means more promotional exposure for your web site. Plain and simple.

FACT:  Reciprocal linking is one of the best methods for improving Search Engine rankings and increasing the total volume of targeted traffic to your Web site.

Caution: Before you proceed make sure that your site is not already listed. Duplicates are not permitted. If your site is already listed but you want to change its description, title, category, etc. please e-mail us at links@info-storm.com with any changes.

Our Link Exchange Policy

Your free listing(s) will run as long as you maintain the reciprocal link(s) back to Info-Storm.com. We reserve the right to discontinue this free promotional service at any time.

The Rules

  • You may list with a maximum of 2 (Two) FREE categories per resource (web site) added. Listings and destination web sites MUST be relevant to the category. Our requirement is to have "focused content" for our visitors.

  • For each FREE listing, please post a separate and distinct "reciprocal link" back to Info-Storm.com from your web site or the web resource being listed.

    For example: One home page link and another link from a different page would be acceptable.
  • All link exchange listings are monitored regularly to ensure category relevance & reciprocal link maintenance by you. Not maintaining your reciprocal link(s) to us may result in your link(s) being removed.

  • All link exchange requests are subject to final approval. We reserve the right to reject any third party link listings.

WARNING:  Absolutely NO hate sites, spam tricks or adult related sites are permitted in this link exchange program.

Note: When approved, your listing(s) will appear in the "link exchange directory" of Info-Storm.com. Your listing(s) will also appear when people search on your category and description keywords text. Your listings should be posted within a few business days.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To become a Link Partner, please fill out the short form below.

Review and select directory categories. After completing the form below, copy and paste the reciprocal link code into your web site on the home page or a page related to the category you are listing with. Then, click the submit button ONCE.

* Required Fields
 Company Name:
*Web Site URL:
 Provide the entire URL you want in our directory and double check to make sure it is correct. URL will be embedded in the Title.

 Please do NOT use ALL capital letters.

*Category Name(s):
 Please pick category from the category index page.

*Contact Name:
*E-mail Address:
 Please do NOT use a FREE e-mail account (i.e. Yahoo, etc.).

*Reciprocal Link URL(s):
 Please provide complete URL's on your Web Site where we can find your link(s) to Info-Storm.com. PLEASE double check to make sure they are correct.

*Your Listing's Description: 
200 characters maximum including spaces. IMPORTANT: Avoid repeating the site title or category name in the description. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and please keep it short. Do NOT Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word.

Please use one or both of the HTML link codes below:

* Reciprocal Link Code - Sample 1

This is sample HTML code you can copy & paste into your web site to create the link(s) to our web site.

Above HTML code looks like this in your web site:

Info-Storm.com -
It's fun to surf ! 100,000+ Pages & 1,000,000+ Links to High-Quality Web Content. Browse and search news, directories & Web. Check the local time anywhere in the world!


* Reciprocal Link Code - Sample 2

Above HTML code looks like this in your web site:

    :: COOL Search Tools
    :: HOT NEWS!
    :: World Time Server

After you've filled in the forms and copied our HTML code, click once to submit.

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